Artist: Los Tikkilyches

Los Tikkilyches are an energetic musical group who met and formed in Sayulita, Mexico. The band melds a variety of styles that can best be described at Latin-Surf-Funk mixed with Rockin' Soul-Reggae-Fusion.

The band is composed of Alyssa Adams (vocals, keys), Julia Blumenthal (vocals, guitar), Jonas Brewer (electric bass, flute), Canek Bojorquez (drums) and Jess Edmondson (guitar, vocals).

Los Tikkilyches infuse lots of energy and good vibes into their shows and love to create crazy vocal harmonies.

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Open Mic night: Every Tuesday at Bar Don Pato’s. We have guitars, mics, respect and appreciation. You bring your song, poem, or skit.

If you make music in Sayulita please send me your band photo, bio and contact information to be added to this website.

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